Stephen Alan Tattoo Portfolio

My name is Stephen Alan and I’ve been tattooing since 2010. As soon as I started I never looked back. I started with ZERO experience and a chip on my shoulder, which forced me to constantly push myself by learning everything that I could, teaching myself, as well as picking techniques up from different artists along the course of my career. All of that has kept me really balanced as an artist.

Growing up, I went to a performing arts school where the sole focus was “The Arts”. From there I’ve learned take things from all aspects of art to create one of a kind drawings and paintings. Piano, ballet, theatre, and art are just a fraction of the things that I’ve been able to be a part of and learn from. Recently expanding my artistry to stained glass and contemporary watercolor, I love to use those to my advantage to create unique geometric and watercolor tattoos. I have a deep personal love for black and grey tattoos as well. I can’t see myself ever being locked down by only one or two different styles of tattooing. I simply love the art itself and will never stop learning about them. The moment that I stop enjoying learning and creating is the moment I will stop tattooing, and I don’t see that moment in sight.